Communicating an institutional image

When harmony is an added value.

Over the years I have provided corporate photography services for companies in a wide range of sectors: Engineering, Petroleum, Construction, Hospitalityas well as Medicines, Machinery, Forestry. Each one has its own peculiarity that I had to learn, and that undoubtedly made me grow a lot as a photographer.

Corporate photography requires a broad overview. It is necessary to understand the whole picture of the company, in order to visualise and create its final image. In fact, a company has very diverse internal realities. From the receptionists to the managerFrom the building of the plant building to a piece of steel fused together. Each image is a ring in the chain. Each picture has to communicate a style coherent with the whole. The values of the company are reflected when the final result conveys harmony.

The production of the service can be carried out either by my studio or by an advertising agency. In any case, the planning of the images is always evaluated together with the client.

Here are some galleries with the most frequent themes of corporate photography. The total set represents a complete production of all aspects of a company. However, each service can be considered and ordered separately, depending on the needs of each one.


Corporate Photography

Work situations at
different areas of the company.

Industrial Photography

Products and operations
in the plant or on site.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photos with drone of
the company and locations.

Group portraits

Portraits of the various
working groups.

Corporate portraits

Portraits in the environment of
work or with neutral background.


Images of the company's interiors
and exteriors.